4 Tips To Improve Accuracy With Elements Within Revit
Written By Michael Schinn

Identifying and modifying elements on a design can be time-consuming and tedious, especially when designers are on a deadline. There is a quicker way to locate and alter specifications on a single element or a group of them, instead of having to do them individually, saving time and improving accuracy.

eVolve MEP’s elements filter for Revit, is a proven solution to these challenges. Let’s examine a few tips to make the filter work for you:

  • Tip 1: Set parameters to label your elements, and then search for those specific parts of your drawing based on individual specs like hanger width or type of duct. Once selected, you can make changes to a single element or to the entire group of matching elements, avoiding the need to update each one by one.
  • Tip 2: After you’ve identified the elements you’re interested in, you can isolate the element or class of elements so that only they appear in your drawing, providing you a clear canvas on which to work that single aspect of your model. You can make the elements transparent or shade them with half-tone, if you wish to offset them in the drawing.
  • Tip 3: When creating a group, you can have a specific characteristic in mind, like hangers that are over a certain width. To find elements matching your choice, you can select a hanger from your drawing that matches your selection criteria, and all those matching that hanger will be highlighted.
  • Tip 4: By isolating that element, you can eliminate all the other “noise” on the drawing–those other elements you are not presently dealing with–and concentrate on the one part or group of parts that need attention. Conversely, if you need to temporarily remove that element from the drawing to better examine other parts of the design, you can do that as well.

Element filters are not just convenient; they’re functional as well. You can quickly create a schedule of all relevant pieces without fear of overlooking one that meets the specs and be confident that all the parts of the project that meet your criteria will be included in the list.

So, make your tasks easier and quicker to complete. Use a convenient tool to identify classes of elements in your model, eliminating the need to address them individually. Explore eVolve Electrical and eVolve Mechanical’s myriad capabilities and reduce your risks.

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