3 Ways Your Firm Can Thrive While Embracing Change

by | Mar 25, 2019 | All, Electrical, Mechanical

MEP construction is eVolving.  That’s for sure.  We’ve had countless conversations with leading MEP firms all over the country.  A pattern is starting to emerge.  The first is rather obvious, everyone is busy.  The second point is more nuanced, but still very true.  The companies that demonstrate a culture of continuous improvement are really thriving.  We believe that these companies will “eat” the others when the next downturn comes. 

So, how do you know if you are embracing change and therefore on the path to thrive?  Based on the evidence we’ve gathered, there are three things that most accurately predict a company’s success. 

  1. Start with “who.”  Successful companies start with “who” before they start with the “what.”  Who’s going to lead the change?  Who’s going to get behind the change, and who’s going to resist?  Success begins with the company culture, as explained in the 2016 Entrepreneur online article “6 Steps to Building a Strong Company Culture.”  Culture adjustment is followed by the tools (like eVolve MEP) to help build on that success. 
  2. Understand Your Metrics.  Thriving companies understand what really matters to their business.  They’ve taken the time to truly understand their metrics.  They face reality and constantly search for waste.  For instance, they measure installed cost rather than keeping material and labor separate.  They’re also interested in how long they spend looking for tools and materials, waiting on a lift, and the true cost of rework, for example.
  3. Know How to Attract Talent.  Another thing we’ve noticed about successful companies is their ability to attract talent.  Despite the labor shortage, these companies are able to attract and retain young people.  Young workers are excited to be part of the continuous improvement process.  They expect new technology and won’t stay long without it.  The successful companies are the ones that embrace the idea that these young digital technology natives have much to offer in terms of leveraging technology to do things better.

Is your company eVolving so it can embrace change and thrive?  If it’s time for your firm to investigate improvements that will put you closer to the top of the food chain, contact eVolve MEP for a demonstration of eVolve Mechanical or eVolve Electrical.

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