3 Mind-Blowing Features of eVolve MEP
Written By Amber Zinky
eVolve MEP software for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing with Revit.

I have been amazed by many of the features of eVolve MEP. I’m someone who wants to get as much work done as possible in the time I’m given. Like many people in this industry, I always want to find the fastest way to do a task in the most effective and accurate way. There are many features in the eVolve MEP Revit plug-in that I wish I’d had while creating prefabrication and VDC drawings.

Trade contractors look to eVolve MEP software to save time and increase productivity when working with HVAC, plumbing and electrical assemblies. Contact eVolve MEP and talk to an industry expert to learn more.

Listed below are only three of the many features that can make a huge impact in your work life in this industry:

1. Bend Families

The bend families allow you to quickly place bends in locations where there are conflicts. You can fully customize the radius and different parameters within the family to make sure any conflicts will be resolved. Within the setup of placing the bend, you can set the bender you want to be used. If you know the bender that needs to be used or you need to create customized bender information, you can make sure the bend has that information and follows those standards. If you need a kick 90 or rolling offset, all you need to do is check a box within the family. You do not need to spend hours placing bends. With a few clicks, you can place hundreds of customizable bends.

2. Element Filter

So far, this feature is one of my favorite non-modeling tools because of the different options you can do with it. It works like setting view filters, giving you the ability to set rules that change what you see in your view. You can isolate, hide and select categories based on the rules you set within the tool. You can set the rules to isolate any family that equals a certain parameter; you can select all instances of two category families; and this tool works with other features within eVolve MEP, like making sure worksets are automatically correct.

3. Hangers 

This feature caught my eye right away. The “place hangers” feature allows you to place hangers automatically based on the distance you need them and the minimum spacing. There is no need to worry about incorrect spacing or missing an area that does not have a hanger. The rod length can be determined by a linked-in Revit model, level or a measurement you specify. This tool will save you hours of coordination and design.

These three features alone will improve your overall experience when modeling and detailing a project. They can reduce the frustration of having to redraw bends multiple times to get them to work the way you need them to. They can also eliminate the frustration of accidently deselecting all the elements you took time to manually select. They can save you hours of coordinating hangers only to find out that one hanger was missing. There are many time-saving features in eVolve MEP, and each one has been chosen and carefully designed to help you be more efficient and give you a better work experience as a detailer or designer.

The experts of eVolve MEP have worked in the construction trades, so they know the challenges you face and the innovations that can make a difference. Contact eVolve MEP today and learn how the industry-trained eVolve mechanical and electrical consultants can partner with you to keep your business relevant and competitive in the years to come.

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