3 eVolve Electrical 5.0 Functions That Cut Revit Hanger Placement Time

by | Nov 4, 2021 | All, Electrical

Imagine having the ability to cut your time using the Revit hanger placement features from three days to just a single hour, from 24 hours of work to just one. With eVolve Electrical’s 5.0 release, that isn’t just a dream, it’s the new reality thanks to three key. timesaving features.

Native Revit requires most of your hanger placements be a manual task, where you have to specify the location and types of hangers individually in a conduit run. This often includes going back and making changes to a series of similar hangers when specs change. The new features on eVolve Electrical 5.0 let you avoid the need to do things manually while improving your efficiency in design simply by creating pre established lists of rules and specifications.

Hanger profiles: Instead of having to re-input data on specific hangers throughout an entire project, eVolve Electrical 5.0 allows you to create a hanger profile that provides those specs at the click of a mouse button. Use your mouse to highlight a conduit run you’re working on, then select the hanger profile you want.

Collision detection and resolution: The latest eVolve Electrical version also automatically detects where you’ll experience a collision in your conduit run, highlighting the area and resolving the conflicts based on your preferences. No need to go to each location on the design and manually fix it yourself: now eVolve Electrical does it for you.

Coupling alignment: Instead of having to go back into a design to identify where couplings will be located, altering each conduit individually to have them align, eVolve Electrical now allows you establish the specs for a single coupling and automatically transfer those to surrounding conduits. Simply specify your benchmark coupling and then click on the area you want aligned: the couplings will line up perfectly.

Contact your eVolve Electrical rep for a demonstration of all the new, timesaving features available on the 5.0 version.

eVolve Electrical software creates an easy-to-use Revit experience and produces the level of accuracy needed to efficiently fabricate and construct projects.

If you’re not using the specialized eVolve Electrical features for kitting, spooling, hangers, auto-route, conduit bends, and content, request a demo today and find out what you’re missing.

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